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REVEALED! The same system super affiliates use
Do you know what separates high-earning super affiliates from the rest of the affiliate pack?

They use a system to make sure their promotions work over and over again.  
  •  They evaluate new products to promote using the same checklist.
  •  They choose traffic sources based on sound business principles.
  •  They write emails and solo ads FAST using proven templates.
  •  They grow their list effortlessly by using basic list-building methods.
  •  They make sure they get paid enough by using a proven formula.
All of this leads to steady, predictable income month in and month out.

No worrying about if they are going to make sales. 
No stress about if or how to get traffic. 

They just work their system and create the cash flow they need to live the life they want.
Let me start by saying that this is a complete course. You won't need more than this to start or grow your own successful affiliate marketing business. 

In addition, this course was developed by a true super-affiliate. A veteran affiliate marketer who has won computers, Rolex watches, iPads, and more ... he openly shares not only WHY these techniques work but HOW to do them.

You will have INSTANT ACCESS to 10 powerful modules. Each one is packed with the insider information you need to succeed. 

Each module reveals one of the steps to building your own affiliate money machine. 

Here is what you will discover ...
1 - Choosing profitable niches
Whether you have chosen a niche already or don't know what the word "niche" means, this module will help you.

You will discover the three steps to choose a profitable niche AND how to reach the people in that niche!

You can use this information to choose a profitable niche or to validate that you have chosen a great niche already.

You will learn what makes a niche profitable and what to avoid at all costs. 

Plus ... you will access the proven three step formula for choosing niches where you know people are buying right now!

If they are buying now they will buy from you when you make the right offer! 
2 - get paid what you deserve!
Did you know that many affiliates fail because they are promoting products that don't pay enough? 

It's true! 

Think about this for a moment. As an affiliate marketer you must promote products that pay you enough to do two things.  
  •  COVER THE COSTS of your advertising and promotion.
  •  LEAVE ENOUGH PROFIT for you to grow your business and enjoy your life.
FAR too many affiliates don't even cover the cost of advertising, much less make an actual profit.


In this powerful module, you will learn to choose products that pay you enough to do both of the things above. 

PLUS ... you will learn how to quickly and easily spot these products in your niche.
3 - target marketing for affiliates
How do super-affiliates succeed at such a high level?

They know how to find pools of prospects who need and want what they are selling and offer it to them. 

To do that you must be able to do one thing ...

Know what type of person needs what you offer. 

Some people call this creating an "avatar" and it is incredibly powerful and profitable. 

In this powerful module, you will learn how to draw a profile of your perfect prospect - the person who needs what you offer and wants to buy it from you!

PLUS ... you will learn how to reach them like the pros do!
4 - quick sales with paid traffic
There are only two ways to get traffic ... you buy it or you earn it.

In this module you will discover that traffic is like bread - when you need it you simply go to the traffic store and buy it!

You will also discover the EIGHT major traffic stores that exist online.

PLUS ... you will learn to match your offer to the right traffic source so you can see the best results possible in the least time possible!
5 - getting fREE targeted traffic
Sometimes we just don't want to spend the money needed to buy traffic. 

The good news is this ... you can EARN all the traffic you need using basic, proven methods that have worked for decades. 

You will discover how to leverage the massive reach of social media to your advantage without getting stuck in some social media loop.

You will discover the power of content marketing and how to tap into the massive audiences of sites like Medium to build your audience quickly and at no cost. 

PLUS ... you will learn to do all of this without it becoming a full time job!
6 - list building secrets
The reason they say the money is in the list is simple ... it's true!

One major online marketer recently revealed that his company earns $16 from follow up marketing for every $1 they earn from product sales!


The reason follow up marketing works is simple. Follow up marketing mimics normal, healthy, human relationships. 

Think about this - no one meets the person of their dreams and asks to get married the same day, right?

So what do we do?
  •  We have coffee.
  •  We have dinner.
  •  We talk with each other.
  •  We see a movie.
  •  We meet the family.
And then, over time, we learn to like and trust the person enough to take the next step.

That is exactly how follow up marketing works.

And it works BEST for affiliate marketers!

In this amazing module you will learn how to follow up, when to follow up, what to say in your follow up, and more. 

PLUS ... you will discover how to do all of this with the tools of your choice, be that email, messenger, social media, text or something else!
7 - email marketing Mastery
Email marketing is the most reliable way to make sales online. 

Whether it's solo ads, follow up emails, joint venture emails, or something else, email has consistently earned HUGE returns on investment over the years.

Just look at this from the Direct Marketing Association, showing that email marketing returns $43 for every $1 spent!
In this powerful module you will learn how to use email marketing to your advantage

Most affiliates struggle with email marketing. They don't build lists and and they don't profit from email marketing. 


You can profit from email marketing!

And this module will give you the specific reasons why AND the how-to-do-it information you desperately need to create a powerful passive income. 

PLUS ... you discover the TWO best ways to use email and the ONE thing that people are always buying online!
8 - tools & resources
Did you know that many affiliates have more than one autoresponder? 

And many are totally confused on topics like blogging, link tracking, hosting, page builders, affiliate networks, and more. 

What this leads to is confusion and waste. Waste of time. Waste of money. And lost opportunity.

This is exactly why I created this module. 

Once you see the list of tools you need you may be shocked by what you DON'T need ... and can stop paying for

PLUS ... you will get the list of tools we highly recommend, including the best traffic sources for affiliate marketers!
9 - build YOUR profit system
By simply knowing about this system you will be light years ahead of most affiliate marketers. 

But knowing and doing are different, which is why we created Module 9. 

In this module you will learn to put together your own traffic-getting, commission-making system. 

Your system. Not a clone of someone else's system but one tailored to you. 
  •  Tailored to your needs.
  •  Tailored to your budget.
  •  Tailored to your experience level. 
  •  Tailored to your goals and ambitions!
Once you see how easy it is to build your system you will be set free to focus on more important tasks. 

Things like getting traffic, measuring your results ... and spending your commissions!

PLUS ... you will get the exact template I use for building a list from any blog!
10 - advanced techniques
I know that many of your are not yet achieving your financial goals with affiliate marketing. 

I understand because I've been there too. 

Once you take this course, I believe that problem will be behind you!

And once it is, you will want to accomplish more

You will want to explore advanced techniques that can optimize your income and put you in the driver's seat for doing joint ventures, dominating your niche, and winning affiliate contests. 

That's why we created this bonus module just for you!

PLUS ... you will learn how to qualify for instant commissions, which can set your cash flow on fire! 
three LIFE CHANGING lessons I learned!
How To Find BUYERS!
Sending your offer to the wrong group of people is a waste of time and money. Learn to identify and find your perfect prospect so your ads will work better!
The real power of the Internet is being able to automate your marketing. Set yourself free by automating routine marketing tasks today!
How To Build A SYSTEM!
No one can succeed by just copying what other people do. You need a system that works for you. Learn to build your system quickly and easily!
What Is Your Investment?
Let's recap what you will receive ...
  •  PROFITABLE NICHES - This one module can save you hours of time and end forever the confusion about which niche is right for you. VALUE $47
  •   PROFITABLE PRODUCTS - Did you know that making one change can triple your revenue? By simply adding recurring income products to what you promote you can create true passive income. VALUE $47
  •  TARGET MARKETING - Ever run an ad and not make sales? The solution is targeting. In this module you will learn to target like a pro! VALUE $47
  •  PAID TRAFFIC - If you want to make sales fast, paid traffic is for you. But you don't want to bust your budget. This module will show you the best sources for affiliate marketers like you! VALUE $67
  •  FREE TRAFFIC - Nothing it more frustrating that needing traffic and not being able to afford it. We've all been there, which is why I am including this power-packed module. VALUE $67
  •  LIST BUILDING - The money is in the list but you have to build the list first. Happily, it's easy to do once you watch this module. VALUE $47
  •  EMAIL MARKETING - Solo ads, email blasts, and follow up email sequences. These are the backbones of email marketing. You will learn to do each one in this powerful module. VALUE $67
  •  TOOLS & RESOURCES - Wasting time learning to use new tools will hold you back and drain your budget. Discover the tools affiliates like you need and which ones you can do without. VALUE $27
  •  BUILD YOUR SYSTEM - Putting together your own affiliate profit system is easy when you have the right blueprint. In this module you will learn exactly what steps to take, and when to take them. VALUE $47
  •  ADVANCED TECHNIQUES - This is the module that helps you go from profitable affiliate to SUPER affiliate! Learn to win contests, land joint ventures, and more. VALUE $67
That is a total value of $531!
 I could easily charge $400 or more for this course. And buyers would receive an extreme value at that price. 

I can say that because the clarity of thought and sheer results you can get from this course is worth more than money alone!

But I'm not going to charge you $400 or even $300.

In fact, you can get Lifetime Access to the entire course today for one payment of $47.00 !
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I am inviting you to try the course completely risk free. 

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One final word - no one can guarantee any results when it comes to doing business online. So please don't read anything on this page as a promise that you will make sales, get rich, lose weight, or grow your hair back.  :-)

So if you are into get rich quick or thinking you can do no work and make a living online, I'm sorry but this is not for you.

If you want to KNOW how to drive traffic, how to analyze traffic mistakes, and how to match your offer to the right traffic source ... this IS for you. 

So order now and lock in your position. 

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